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Cancun Pro Tours was created by Travis and is managed only by himself and one other Pro Staffer.  Travis is an expat from Texas who has moved to Cancun to follow his dream and passion of fishing and living life in the Caribbean.  After several years he finally decided to put together a website to help friends, family and visitors to get the most out of their vacation while in Cancun or the surrounding area.  Travis personally guarantees the best price on all tours and the best experience!


Travis Simmons, Owner of Cancun Pro Tours


Owner, CEO


Travis is a Cancun expat from Texas living his dream as a fisherman and online marketing professional. 

Elsa, Pro Staff




Elsa has been in the tourism industry in Cancun for over 15 years and is extremely knowledgeable and professional!  She always makes sure you have all the info you need! 

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