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Cancun's All Inclusive Catamaran Tour Review and Experience

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

It’s another beautiful day in Cancun Mexico! In this post, I will share an exciting adventure with you during our trip to Cancun and Isla Mujeres!

What is it?

This Tour was a day trip on a beautiful Catamaran that sailed from Cancun to Isla Mujeres and for obvious reason's, it's one of the most popular tours and activities to do in Cancun.

Whats Included?

  • Sailing From Cancun to Isla Mujeres

  • Snorkeling

  • Open Bar

  • Lunch Buffet

  • Free Time on the Island of Women

" Such an incredible Experience!"


  1. Transportation to the Marina

  2. Check-in

  3. Boarding

  4. Snorkeling

  5. Environmentally Safe Sunscreen

  6. Beach Club

  7. Lunch Buffet

  8. Free Time on the Island

  9. Playa Norte (North Beach)

  10. Golf Cart Rental

  11. Turtle Farm

  12. Southern Cliffs Trail and Site Seeing

  13. Head Back to Cancun

"I was so excited to see what this Isla Mujeres Catamaran tour had in store for us!"

Arriving to the Marina

After jumping on board the van with other excited adventurers we quickly arrived at the marina where the staff members were waiting for us and greeted us with friendly smiles and open arms! Be sure to confirm with the tour company your hotel pick up time or where the nearest meeting point is! You don't want to miss your ride!

We chose the at 10 am departure time adventure that gives us all day in the water and all day to explore the island! They also have more than 10 different boats and they do tours seven days a week. The first departure time is at 10 am and the other leaves at noon.

- Check-in

We've just done our check-in and I must say I'm pretty impressed! You go through a counter where you sign several liability forms and then you go in to pay your docking fee. Remember that most of the time the docking fee is not included in your ticket price, but it's only USD 15 per person, it's not that bad.

They gave us brand new snorkels which was really, really nice. We have been on a few other snorkel tours where we had to use used snorkeling gear and you know the kind of world we live in right now, we feel so much better, three tickets in hand, three super new snorkels and super excited to see what the All Inclusive Catamaran Tour is all about!

The tour we booked was their Premium Package that includes better food, premium drinks with open bar and a less crowded boat for a more relaxed experience.

"The fresh breeze feels so good and we are were so excited to spend a day in the beautiful, crystal clear waters of Cancun and Isla Mujeres!"

- On-Boarding

We boarded the catamaran and the host / DJ gave us an amazing introduction and explained what the day was going to be like and he had so much fun energy that it really pumped us up and got us really excited to start the trip! With high energy and mimosas in hand, we headed to the snorkeling spot!

- Snorkeling

The photographer took photos of us as we dawned our snorkel equipment and life jackets. Our snorkel guide has told us that the reef is so full of life and so we were super excited to jump in and see the beautiful coral and to see what they call the Underwater Museum that has 100's of sunken cement statues!

Here! Here! Jump now! We jumped into the water and snorkeled for half an hour and we were so impressed with the clarity of the water that day and how much fish and coral we saw. An absolutely beautiful day here today!

After snorkeling, our bartender Roy made us the world famous tequila sunrise drinks that got us in the mood for some Island time!

Bring Your Own Environmentally Safe Sunscreen

Please keep in mind that it is not allowed to wear regular sunscreen or insect repellent while you are in the water for snorkeling or at the island. With the high volume of people swimming and enjoying the beach and reefs here, normal sunscreen can cause damage to the sea life. I would recommend bringing your own Environmentally Safe Sunscreen and do your part to protect the beautiful marine life to preserve it for the years to come!

- Beach Club & Lunch Buffet

We have finally arrived at the dock on the beautiful Island of Isla Mujeres! I have been wanting to see this place for so long! Look at this sand, the water and those hammocks! Everything is so beautiful on the Island.

Let's eat guys, it's time to eat! There is a beautiful buffet that has been prepared for us. It was a lot of traditional and delicious Yucatan food as well as a wide selection of fruits!

The beach club had everything from pools to swings and hammocks in the water as well as Paddle Boarding!

- Free Time on Isla Mujeres

We had about an hour and a half to enjoy free time here on the island. Now personally I think I will use most of that time on this beautiful white sand beach and enjoy the turquoise clear water.

- Playa Norte (North Beach)

Not too far from where we had lunch, we walked up to North Beach which is one of the most popular beaches in Mexico! The sand was so white and water so shallow and clear! There were a lot of beautiful people out enjoying the beach that day!

After spending some time at North Beach or “Playa Norte” en Espanol, the beach which is super nice but was a bit crowded and after people watching for some time, we decided to see what our other options were to do while we had some free time on the Island.

- Golf-Cart Rental

We saw tons of Golf Carts for Rent on Isla Mujeres and for an hour it's only about 20 USD, it's not so bad. I think that will be the best way to spend your free time

to see the whole island.

Being behind the wheel of the Golf Cart is super fun! You have to try it! Golf Carts seem to be the main mode of transportation for everyone on the island of Isla Mujeres. It was a hot day so the breeze while driving the golf cart felt amazing driving around the Island and this was such an unforgettable experience.

I think there really is no other way to go around Isla Mujeres. Why not? We had nowhere to be and nowhere to go, let's enjoy the road and drive on this beautiful island! It was absolutely beautiful to see the houses and local side of Isla Mujeres. ...

Birds eye view of Isla Mujeres!

The Island is only 13 kilometers long, we will probably have to come back here and spend at least a night or two to really get the full experience.

Turtle Farm

We made a couple of stops on our golf cart adventure! First was the Isla Mujeres Turtle Farm where they rescue turtles and raise babies to be released into the wild to keep the populations thriving! It was so nice to see the turtles there and it was only a few dollars to enter the facility.

Southern Cliffs Trail and Site Seeing

Isla Mujeres south end cliffs
Take a walk down the trail to the waters edge.

The other stop we made was at the Cliffs on the south end of the island where for just a couple of dollars you can walk down the trails of cliffs and encounter so many Iguanas, it was crazy! We made it down to the water and took some photos at the bottom of cliffs at the water's edge. Such a beautiful site it was!

We spent an hour and a half on Isla Mujeres and it was time to go back to the Catamaran to continue with our tour. On the way back to Cancun, drinks were flowing and music and energy was abundant!

I must say that the day was full of adventure! I think we made a great choice renting the golf cart as a way to explore, have fun and enjoy the breeze while touring the Island.

I really enjoyed the premium tour and what an amazing day on the water we had! The cruise back to Cancun was absolutely beautiful, so awesome! The water literally looks like Gatorade blue, I'm not kidding! However, I dont recommend to drink it and I must say, I swallowed a bit while on my snorkel… oops haha!

"I can't recommend Cancun Pro Tours enough to help you book this amazing experience!"

They made the booking process super easy and communication was excellent! We had an incredible day, everything from the snorkeling adventure to the buffet, to the beautiful time we spent on Playa Norte and the Golf Cart ride was just fantastic!

If you're not into the shared catamaran style of tour you can book a Private Catamaran for you and your friends and family!

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